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Search: Cold Sore Remedies:

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Today's Review: What comes up when you are in the middle of an outbreak (Defcon:1). There is no time to waste, speed is all that matters: What are the results on the internet.

How to Get Rid of a Cold Sore Fast:

  1. Over the counter (OTC) antiviral ointment: Abreva / Relieve / Lysine+

  2. Prescription options: Zovirax, Famciclovir, Denavir, Valtrex.

  3. Home Remedies: Tea Tree oil, Kanuka honey, Lemon Balm, Lysine, Peppermint.

  4. Essential Oils: Ginger, Thyme, Hyssop, sandalwood

How to Get Rid of Cold sores:

1. Pain Relievers, Ice, acetaminophen

2. Prescription drugs

3. Aloe vera gel

4. Lysine

5. Propolis

6. Lemon Balm

7. Kanuka honey

8.. Vitamin C and E

9. Stress reduction

And it repeats from site to site to site of reputable organizations. All of them are both correct in what to do and what not to do during an outbreak and I'm sure like me, you've tried all of them.

OTC - They will reduce the timing of an outbreak depending on the severity and the person, in my case you go from 7 days of the outbreak down to 5 days and then the red spot hangs around for another week to 10 days.

Prescription drugs: Like most people, I've never tried them.

Home Remedies: Ice in a paper towel or plastic bag until it melts every hour or so if you have the time will reduce how far out from your face the swelling shows making it easier to hide and the 'pain' was never a thought compared to how it looked.

Tea Tree oil irritates the area and someone would have to correct me on how well it works.

Kanuka Honey is ridiculously messy that is supposed to keep the virus from spreading. I have a jar from 10 years ago still in a cupboard that I just got up to throw away and walked back over to keep typing.

Lemon Balm and Lysine and essential oils are the same: (it's too late!)

Vitamin E gel tabs are about as messy as Honey and has the same results. It may reduce the redness, though I've never seen it happen.

The Frantic search for: 'To stop an outbreak', will make a person do just about anything. Most of those 'anythings' are too little and too late.

So what do you do? You spend just as much time during that week in repair and cover in preventative maintenance.

1. Build your stockpile of vitamins and minerals and balms.

2. Sort them out by day and time

3. Follow the schedule as if your face/crotch depended on it. (Because it does.)

4. Research breakthroughs in different areas. (ie. liposomal Vitamin C to prevent

stomach aches.) or that St. Johns Wort helps relieve stress and is the catalyst for

BHT, a win-win.)

5. Keep a weekly logs of the tingles vs. outbreaks.

How often do they happen?

What day of the week or time of year?

What was going on at the time? Alcohol, Chocolate, Sickness, Job/Home/Money


Take a look at the products page: Many have used them to prevent the Defcon:1 status from happening in the first place and the Logs help you figure out your individual triggers.

The goal of health and happiness is not to react to the outside elements around you but to be prepared and ready on the inside to reduce the impact or prevent it altogether.

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