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11 anti-stress foods to consume while in lockdown

Banana, avocado, almonds, brown rice... Some foods can help to calm anxieties thanks to their good supply of minerals and vitamins. A nutritionist-dietician lists good eating habits to follow in stressful situations.

During confinement, stress can quickly take over your good habits. Still at home, it is easier to give in to the temptation to eat fatty or sweet foods. Our diet plays a big role in stress management. Healthier products can help relieve the pressure.

These are the tips for eating a balanced diet and relieving anxiety at the same time.

Foods to avoid in times of stress

First thing: avoid products that are too sweet. "Sugar-free food is best for stressful times. Sugar overexcited circuits already stressed. It, therefore, causes insulin spikes, uses vitamins and minerals.

Stress: what are the right foods to eat?

When you are stressed, your body consumes minerals, trace elements, and vitamins more quickly. It also secretes hormones to fight against external aggressions. These hormones lead to a loss of magnesium.

In the case of anxiety, the body also stimulates the Omega 3. To replace them, you can eat fatty fish such as mackerel, sardines, salmon or trout. Other foods such as bananas or avocados help to reduce stress.

Discover more about the 11 anti-stress foods to be eaten during the lockdown.

Green tea

To relax, you can drink two to three cups of green tea a day. Green tea contains relaxing substances. This hot drink is an effective substitute for coffee, which has many stimulants.


To replace the eternal pasta dish, why not cook whole meal rice? This starchy food facilitates the secretion of the happiness hormones: serotonin and dopamine.


Our organism asks a lot of Omega 3 during temporary anxiety. The ideal food to replace them? Oily fish such as sardines. Easy to store and inexpensive, you can eat them once or twice a week.


Another food rich in omega 3: salmon. Once a week, prepare a delicious salmon steak to fill up on Omega 3. If you don't like salmon, you can choose another fatty fish such as trout.


Not everyone likes the iodized taste of oysters. However, this seafood has many benefits for our body, such as its high zinc content.

Dark Chocolate

Who says chocolate can't be an ally in stressful times? Snacking on a small square of dark chocolate from time to time can relieve anxiety and compensate for the lack of magnesium.


To combat stress, the consumption of mushrooms is also recommended by nutritionists. Like oysters, these vegetables contain zinc, but in smaller quantities.


In proteins, we find serotonin and dopamine, two hormones considered to be those of well-being and relaxation. Eating bananas several times a week increases their secretion.


Avocado is the main fruit on our plates and helps to provide Omega 3.


Rich in magnesium, the consumption of almonds helps to reduce stress. Easy to store, you can nibble small handfuls of almonds throughout the day.


Boiled, fried, poached... There are many ways to cook eggs. What's more, they prove to be real allies in combating stress-related anxieties thanks to their protein content.

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